I wandered this earth as a lost soul for many years. Things just did not compute in my life. Little did I know that I had been depressed from childhood onward, that my body was running on trauma physiology and that I had many wounded aspects of myself that were controlling me to the point of not allowing me to live a life that was enjoyable.

As a younger person I used my intellect and mind to allow me to function. As all my emotional wounds started to unravel and I found, bit by bit, healers who could assist me on the way, I migrated my intelligence further and further into my heart. 

It was an arduous journey that made me strong and compassionate in the face of emotional suffering. It has also allowed me to learn a lot about our emotional wounds and mental patterns. At every corner I have picked up tools; and I will never stop learning more.

Now I help people sort through the chaos in their lives and minds so that they can find a path to greater fulfillment and happiness.

About Aine