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making decisions and creating change. This is normal, and when we consistently give in to this aspect, we will experience a slow death of our spirit and life force.

Commitment to growth and new experiences brings life force to us. How do we commit? We must invest in that growth, desire, change, thing, whatever we have chosen. Investments can take many forms like dedicating time and space to the new thing and, most importantly, following through with that commitment.

This is not easy because that complacent aspect is still calling us.

These are the question to ask yourself: Am I ready to invest in and therefore commit to change in the face of everything that is going on around me? How much am I willing to invest/commit in this?

Chaos and uncertainty in the world around us reinforce the aspect of us that is complacent and feels overwhelmed in the face of 

Contact Me for a Complimentary Clarity Session
OR Are You

Uncovering - The reason we are stuck and feel disconnected is that we do not understand what is going on. Parts of you want to be heard and you will increase your awareness around yourself and your relationships.

Resolving - we do not have to settle for how things are or how we have shown up in the past. I have learned many approaches for easing up the tension that is holding you in place. They are based in my understanding of how we as humans operate and my intuitive guidance to pull out the right process to give you relief, hope, and direction.

Reclaiming - once the pressure that has kept you stuck is off, you have the space to dream, find your direction and more purpose. In other words, you can reclaim who you really are and create your life from a sense of grounded certainty.

The ultimate goal and direction will come from you, and I will guide you along the way. 

So Maybe you are ready, but what can you expect?

Together we will dive into a unique, individualized process of Uncovering, Resolving and Reclaiming so that you will gain knowledge. and experience transformation, which will lead to greater happiness, 

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Then, let's work together!

Because this is a very individual journey, contact me using the button below so that we can choose your best option.

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Three sessions designed to transform a specific challenge:
1. Uncovering Underlying Pattern & Initial Resolving,
2. Pattern Clearing, 3. Reclaiming

Quick Fix

Ready to Commit?

"Once in a while I get myself really stuck in my head. Thoughts are looping as I obsess about something that feels very wrong. That is when I need Aine's services. She has the ability to cut through the nonsense and quickly get to the core of the issue. In her sessions, she calls in Divine beings to help bring clarity and insight, and she keeps guiding you deep into your psyche until everything falls into place."

“Aine is a healer. She has an extraordinary gift for intuitively knowing what your body or mind needs in the moment and delivers."

"My mother died when I was 14 years. Forty years later, her passing and the family drama that ensued has stayed with me, this hole in my spirit that could never quite mend. I worked with Aine to visualize what happened, but most importantly how my adult self could see all that I had been through and reassure me that I was loved. Aine's compassion and strength showed through and I felt supported the entire time. It was a life changing experience."